Jim Hallenbeck
Sunroom Art Studios of Raleigh


About Jim

Jim graduated with an art education degree from FIU in 1979. After painting a few pieces during his 35 year IBM career, Jim has picked up his brushes and pursuing his dream of being an artist. For Jim, painting is a journey making an impact on himself and others. Through his use of color and subject, his goal is to evoke a memory, an experience or an emotion for the viewer. 

 Jim's Art

View over 95 paintings by Jim including all works completed in 2015 and 2016. Limited and signed reproductions available on selected paintings (see News tab).




Creative Member of the Tipping Paint Gallery at 311 W. Martin St in Raleigh beginning June 2016.

Margaux's Restaurant featured solo artist October through December 2016

Parkside Restaurant group show (Tipping Paint Gallery) December 2016

Parkside Restaurant featured solo artist January 2017

Kimbap Restaurant group show (Tipping Paint Gallery) February 2017


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